Oh Bethesda… why so greedy?

I’ve been telling people for YEARS what a bad company Bethesda is. I’ve been telling people for years, that their main niche is creating sequels based from the same inherently flawed system. I’ve been saying for years, that in order to cover up their lazy coding they have used the gigantic modding community and left it up to actual players to fix game related problems and ultimately do the developer’s jobs for them.

Of course no one listened to me. In fact, basically every game Bethesda released consistently ended up with a GOTY (Game of the Year Edition). Oblivion, Skyrim, Fallout 3 and Fallout 4. All of these games were re-released multiple times with prior DLC included and small patches added that most of the time modders had fixed years ago.

Bethesda’s long list of “happy customers”

Bethesda has made 2 quite large releases at the time of this writing. The first being Skyrim – Ultimate Edition, which has a whole array of completely freaking pointless “upgrades” but thankfully was released for free for anyone who owned Skyrim previously. The second is a massive update to Fallout 4 that wait for it- “is a 2GB patch that adds PAID MODS to a full priced singleplayer game.” Yes, you heard that right.

Expert game design right here

Now I just quoted someone else there, but what have I been saying this entire time? Bethesda games are inherently the same systems, re-skinned and re-released at full price (€59.99 not including obvious season passes for the Fallout series). Skyrim Ultimate edition was basically that, they re-released Skyrim with all of the DLC included in the main game (as they had done already once before) but with only the main change that now you HAVE TO use THEIR modding system. That is, you need to re-release mods on their own platform despite the fact that we all like and love ‘Nexusmods’ and don’t need or want another platform to do this on.

So despite this, what did Bethesda do. They realised that some people were charging actual money for mods for games Bethesda had created, and they had the great idea of thinking “Hey we can cash in on some of that too!” Now it’s one thing to give yours players the ability to write their own mods and patches for a game that you released and charged a whopping €59.99 or more, for. This would be fair. However, it’s another thing entirely to drop an update on one of your full priced titles that adds paid mods into the game because you want to further nickle and dime your customers.


EA did it with the ridiculous scrap system in DeadSpace 3. Hell, Gearbox Software were one of the first companies to add micro-transactions into a game when they released Borderlands 2 and they went batshit crazy by putting a real money price on basically every single item in the game. It’s no secret that gamers are sick of this kind of shit, they are sick of being nickle and dimed for further progress and rewards in a full priced game. DLCs are one thing and sometimes they can add a good amount of content into a game and thus justify their price. Take the Witcher 3’s – Blood and Wine DLC expansion for example. However, there is a moral crime that shouldn’t be crossed when you charge full price for a game and then start slapping paywalls on things that used to be free.

A mediocre improvement between Oblivion and Skyrim at best

I’ve been saying it forever. Bethesda is a greedy corporation run by greedy shareholders, if anything they are just as bad as EA. They have consistently re-skinned and re-released flawed environments and people keep buying their releases for some reason. Admittedly I bought Skyrim myself when it was on sale for only €5 and despite starting a new game something like 12 different times I still haven’t even so much as finished Skyrim. I have finished Oblivion though, at a whopping level 12. Despite the fact that the game is quite long and there are a huge amount of quests, I beat the last boss wearing leather armor because I hadn’t even levelled high enough to find anyone with Glass Armor yet, let alone Elven. This is just another example of how badly thought out the systems are in this game. I was able to exploit the ‘acrobatics’ skill in Oblivion just by consistantly mashing the spacebar whilst there was just enough space between my head and the roof that- oh just watch this video.

Anyway there you have it. A company that has absolutely no quality control not to mention decency, has royally fucked over fans once again and I get to say “I told you so!” Sadly it doesn’t come with any satisfaction though.


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